Backflow Testing

Backflow testing is a routine procedure designed to ensure no contaminated water is entering your water supply from outside sources. Annual backflow testing helps ensure that only clean, potable water is flowing through your plumbing into your home or business.

Most Northwest Ohio businesses are required by state and county to have an up-to-date backflow preventer installed, but some older buildings do not have one. If you’re not sure your building has a backflow preventer, you’ll need someone who is trained and certified in your area to evaluate your plumbing system.

It’s also a good idea for residential homes to have regular backflow testing in order to ensure that the system is functioning properly to keep your family safe from unclean water — especially for older homes, which often don’t have an adequate backflow preventer installed.

Backflow Preventer Installation & Repair

Backflow testing is not a job for do-it-yourself plumbers. Jonathan Main Plumbing is one of the few plumbers in Perrysburg, Bowling Green and Wood County officially certified to test and maintain backflow prevention systems according to state requirements. We’ve got the equipment and material on hand to handle most simple backflow maintenance and repairs. If you need a new backflow preventer installed, either to replace a defective one or because one was never installed, our plumbing experts can handle it.

No matter what type of device you have installed, Jonathan Main Plumbing can handle all of your backflow testing, maintenance, repair and replacement needs. To find out if your backflow prevention system needs to be inspected and certified, or to have your system evaluated to make sure it is functioning properly, call us today at 419-353-4042.